Equipping Churches to Support the Bereaved

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We are a coalition of Christian organisations seeking to help the Church support the bereaved – currently equipping churches across the UK to run The Bereavement Journey course for those grieving in our nation.

Below is a welcome from Archbishop Justin Welby for churches and a short film on how to offer bereavement support in the pandemic (available on social media for sharing)

If you have been bereaved please search AtaLoss.org for support services and information, and here for locations of The Bereavement Journey courses.

Thank you!


January/February webinars to help churches support the bereaved

With millions of people grieving and lockdown restricting bereavement support, new dates have been published for webinar training to support the bereaved.  

See here for Bereavement Care Awareness webinars for all church members, here for learning how to support young people and here for Bereavement Friendly Church webinars for church leaders to ensure grieving people are welcomed within the life of the church.

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