How can this website help?

This website has been designed to be a hub to help the Church develop support for people who have been bereaved.  The content, as it is presently, is just the beginning.  We have begun to upload what we know but we have much more available to add.  We hope also to receive increasing information from others as churches engage with the Loss and HOPE initiative. 

We invite contributions from Christians of all denominations to offer resources and content that will assist and inspire the Church. Contact us.

This website has been designed to be flexible – for pages to be added as we hear of more things – and for them to be able to contain pictures, videos, podcasts etc as well as text. 

There is also a page especially for resources where a filtered search will help find books, blogs, articles, websites etc for particular bereavement situations.  Our search button will also help to find anything that’s on the website on a particular theme.  

DISCLAIMER As much of the content on this website will be provided upon the recommendation of others the Loss and HOPE organisations cannot accept responsibility for the accuracy of this website’s content, and inclusion does not imply endorsement of what is conveyed.  Please get in touch  if anything included is inaccurate or concerning and we will try to resolve the matter.  We reserve the right to refuse or remove any entry from this website without notifying the author or publisher.