The Bereavement Journey® Training

  1. Introducing The Bereavement Journey® webinar

Free, short, and informal training sessions required for Course Leaders and Team Members in UK churches/Christian organisations, to learn what is involved and ask any questions.

Wednesday 27th September at 9:30am

Tuesday 10th October at 9:30am

Monday 16th October at 7:30pm

Tuesday 7th November at 9:30am

Thursday 23rd November at 9:30am

Tuesday 12th December at 7:30pm

Thursday 11th January at 9:30am

Tuesday 23rd January at 7:30pm

More dates to follow.

2. Bereavement Friendly Church Webinar

Required for Main Course Host and Church Leaders, to ensure church is welcoming and accessible to bereaved people.

3. Bereavement Care Awareness

Care for the Family webinars recommended for all the team as a basic introduction to supporting bereaved people.

4. Main Host Training

Opportunity to help on AtaLoss’s national, online The Bereavement Journey® for HTB (or other regional programmes) for insight and experience. Email: