Season of Remembering

2020/2021 has been unprecedented as we have faced the uncertainty, anxiety, changes and grief caused by the Covid pandemic.  Much has been lost – people, jobs, schooling, freedoms, routines and perhaps even hope.  This year, the Season of Remembering, from All Souls’ to Remembrance Day, has an added poignancy and there is special need in our communities to pause, reflect and remember.  What this looks like will be different in different contexts.

An All Souls’ Day service will be on or near 2nd November and will remember those who have died at any time and in any way; a Remembrance Service around 11th November will be specifically about people who have died in the world wars or armed service; a ‘Thanksgiving and Remembering’ service, or special remembering activity, can be held with any focus and at any time.  Loss is often compounded and any specific service or activity will remind people of unresolved past or present loss and pain.  There is often a need to ‘do’ something and to ‘mark’ a loss to help to bring closure and healing.  

Below are some resources, which with our partners at HOPE Together we have created, which you can use to plan and publicise your activities. They include editable invitations and posters to let people in your community know that you are offering special services or activities to give time and space for reflection for those grieving.  Creative ideas and liturgies are also included and give away helpful resources.  Do let us know of others that could be shared.

The Church of England has many good resources:


Other denominations may like to use the below invitations and posters which are editable to enable you to add details of your service or activity, your church’s logo and website, etc.  

Please feel free to use these templates to invite people to any remembering activity or service. If you use the PDF booklets they will need to be sent to a printer. (General instructions will need to be removed.)

Please do alert people to the website when using these resources either verbally or by including the logo below. is a website hub of bereavement information and support services.

The creative ways to remember document has lots of practical ideas on activities such as memory trees, prayer stations, children’s activities and even soul cakes!  And the give away resources download has ideas of helpful items for emotional help and spiritual reflection

Also Available: