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Bereavement Friendly Church Webinar

Bereaved people naturally wonder about the big questions of life, such as about the afterlife and God.  Churches have a particular opportunity in bereavement to show the love of God and bring hope for the future.  However, despite Christians reaching out being welcomed, the Church can often be one of the hardest places for bereaved people to feel at home.

Bereavement Friendly Church is recommended for all churches seeking to support the bereaved – including those running The Bereavement Journey course (online or face-to-face) – to enable bereaved people they are in contact with to feel at home within the life of the church. The webinar is to help main church leaders/decision makers to consider their church’s accessibility to the bereaved. 

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To make the most of Bereavement Friendly Church it is best that Bereavement Care Awareness is attended first Click here