The Bereavement Journey® Support

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to more than 163,000 deaths across the UK, in addition to the usual 600,000 per annum.  There are many millions of people grieving at this time, and suffering delayed or complicated grief due to the restrictions.

Since the pain of bereavement tends to become acute some while after the death, ‘a tsunami of grief’ is expected over forthcoming months, which there is not the capacity to deal with.  There is urgent need for much more bereavement support.  Without this, millions of bereaved people in our country will face mental health and other negative outcomes.

Loss and HOPE is encouraging churches of every denomination across the UK to reach out to their communities as quickly as possible with the The Bereavement Journey®, to provide a nationwide church response to the pandemic. 

The programme has been converted to be offered now online (as well as face to face when possible) and is easy to run, as all instructions and everything needed are available, including simple online training and central support.