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Day of Reflection 3rd March 2024

AtaLoss is delighted to be providing signposting on the Day of Reflection, which has moved to the first Sunday of March in line with the recommendations of the UK Commission on Covid Commemoration.  This year the Government is backing the delivery of the day, which will include a minute’s silence at midday.

The day is an important opportunity to recognise the extent to which grief affects our nation, that many of those bereaved in the pandemic remain deeply impacted by losing loved ones at that time, and a large number of people will have complicated, unresolved grief.   Moving the day to a Sunday enables churches to play an active part in supporting their communities.

If you are planning to do something to mark the day such as:

  • Make candles available for lighting;
  • Hold a minute’s silence at noon;

then remember to direct people to for bereavement support. Why not also plan to run The Bereavement Journey® community support programme to enable people to process past as well as current losses?

For more information about the day and the resources that Marie Curie are offering go to:

Right click on the image below to save a copy of the signposting poster to your computer for printing.

For more information about The Bereavement Journey go to: